Fake FBI Virus

Fake FBI Computer Virus Scam

“FBI Attention – Your PC is Blocked” If you see something like this on your computer don’t buy into it; it’s a hoax! This is the face of a new virus that is posing as the FBI blocking your computer from internet access. What’s creepy about this virus is if you have a camera on your computer you will see yourself in a live camera screen on the right of the fake FBI website.

Last month the FBI announced that computers infected with a virus called the DNS changer would not be able to connect to the Internet after July 8th 2012. Knowing how cloudy this area of technology can be for some users, this hoax could be mixed up with the real FBI announcement that was on the news.

Below you can see an image of what the virus looks like. I know it’s not the best picture. My camera was having a “bad lens day” or something. Anyway as you can see the virus looks like a legit FBI website, but it’s fake.
Fake FBI Alert Virus

The red flag is that the virus claims you have to pay “200$,” oh yes, that’s supposed to be $200 I guess, to be “unblocked.” Hmm, something tells me the FBI would be official and smarter than this. I am sure you get the picture!

Of all the computer viruses that we’ve dealt with, I have seen that computer viruses that impersonate official organizations can be the most victimizing. Such viruses try to force you to act out of panic, so don’t fall for it. If your computer is affected by this virus and you need help we will be happy to assist you if you live in or near Vancouver WA. Otherwise feel free to search our website for some useful computer tips and like us (PC Rescue Wiz) on Facebook.