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Computer Overheating Problems

Is Your Computer Overheating? Are you having trouble with your computer overheating? Overheating is a problem that can reduce the life of your computer. So, addressing your computer’s overheating quickly can help to extend the life of your computer. Computers generally come equipped with a cooling system to prevent your PC from overheating. But if […]

Solid-State Drive Upgrades

SSD Upgrade, A Fix For Slow PCs Are you tired of struggling with a slow laptop or desktop PC? Do not waste your money upgrading your computer’s RAM. Get a solid-state drive upgrade instead. RAM upgrades seemed to be the “fix-all” solution for slow PCs before solid-state drives. But, with newer laptops and desktop computers […]

Rogue Browser Extensions & Scams

Browser extensions are add-ons that people often use to improve the look and functionality of their web browser. However, among the good browser extensions, more rogue browser extensions seem to be popping up, and some users are installing them without realizing their potential risk to online privacy. In recent years, our computer repair shop has […]

How To Remove Extensions

Unwanted Browser Extensions Extensions are a type of web browser add-on that can add more functionality to your web browser. However, you might find yourself in a situation where a malicious Extension is installed on your web browser without your knowledge. In that case, it helps to know how to remove the unwanted Extension in […]