Virus Removal Service

Virus Removal Vancouver, WA

Did a computer virus or scammer compromise your PC? If you are looking for a computer repair shop to help you with virus removal in Vancouver, WA, or the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area, Check out PC Rescue Wiz. Our virus removal service ranges between $70 – $140, depending on the type of virus cleaning we will need to do to make your computer safe to use again. So, if you are interested in getting your computer virus-free, without losing your data, give us a call at 360-773-3401.

Virus Removal

Computer Intrusion Recovery Service

Over the past 11 years, PC Rescue Wiz has helped many customers here in Clark County, Washington not only with our malicious software removal service, but also with computer security tips and tricks that we try to share in plain English. If you are not sure what to do after scammers compromise your computer, bring your computer into our shop for a computer security assessment and our virus removal service. Since computer security software does not protect you from sophisticated scams, we recommend that you check out our article on Computer Security For Home Users.     

Computer Cleanups and Security Services

Here is an overview of the computer security and malicious software removal services that our repair shop offers:

  • Trojans, spyware, adware, and virus cleanups.
  • System intrusion recovery service.
  • Browser hijack recovery and repairs
  • User files clean up, backup, and System resets
  • Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) removal
  • System integrity checks and optimization
  • We also check your firewall and security settings, etc.

Fake Virus Removal Software and Fake Virus Scams

It takes more than Anti-Virus Software to stay safe online these days. With AI in the wrong hands, internet scams are getting more sophisticated. If you want to protect yourself from Tech support scams and fake virus removal software, do not try DIY virus cleanups, unless you know what you are doing. Take your computer to a local computer repair professional instead. If you need a computer repair expert in or near Vancouver, WA, we will be happy to help.

Minimizing Virus and Spyware Damage

When you have a computer that’s infected by viruses and Spyware, we recommend virus removal as soon as possible. Some computer viruses can cause further damage to your computer if you continue to use your computer after it’s infested. So, turn your computer off to avoid data loss, more scams, or expensive computer repairs. Spyware puts your privacy and personal information at risk. Do not do any online banking or shopping until a computer professional cleans up your computer.

Virus Removal Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for our virus removal service is usually 24 to 48hrs. Feel free to give us a call to schedule a computer security check or our malicious software removal service.

PC Rescue Wiz Virus removal