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Custom PC Vancouver, WA

Are you looking for a computer shop in Vancouver, WA, to help you build your custom PC? If yes, check out PC Rescue Wiz! Whether you want to use your money wisely on a durable custom home computer, or you want to make your dream gaming PC a reality, PC Rescue Wiz is here to help. Building a custom computer can be expensive for all the wrong reasons, unless you know what you are doing. If you are new to building PCs, the last thing you want to do is damage your custom PC’s expensive components through trial and error. So, why not get an experienced computer technician to build it for you instead. If you know your stuff, but do not have the time to assemble your PC, our custom-built computer service is for you too!

Custom PCs

Custom Work & Gaming PCs Vancouver, WA

Our custom PC service is a great way for you to optimize your PC for gaming, video, or photo editing, and even content creation. We can help you optimize your computing needs with industry leading computer processors, like the Intel’s 14th Gen CPUs and AMD’s Ryzen™ 7000 Series processors. You can bring your own parts if you are comfortable selecting compatible parts for your custom machine. Otherwise, we can use our technical expertise and experience with different hardware brands like MSI, Gigabyte, and ASUS to craft your dream machine! If you want a PC that will give you a bit of an edge for your computing needs, our custom PC service can help you manifest your ideal customized computer.

Durable Custom Desktop Computers

If you are looking for a durable home desktop PC, let us build you one. Not only will your computer be durable, but it will also be easier to repair. One of the biggest factors that limit our ability to repair some store-bought computers is the limited availability of proprietary computer parts. But that is not the case with custom-built computers. A custom home PC can last between 5–10 years. But, should anything go wrong, the availability of universal computer parts makes it possible for us to repair or upgrade your PC as and when you need it. If you cannot afford long downtimes waiting for proprietary parts, custom computers are a game changer! Giving you this kind of freedom and flexibility with your computing needs is what our custom-built computer service is all about!

Custom PC Pros & Cons

Here are the Pros for getting a custom build PC:

  • Durability: when built right, custom PCs are durable.
  • Easier to repair: the availability of parts makes custom PCs easier to repair.
  • Upgradable: with standardized form factor (the shape and size of computer parts), it is easy to upgrade custom computers to give you the compatibility and performance you need.
  • Local Warranty: you get a standard 1-year warranty with any custom PC that we build with parts that we source.
  • Personalized computing experience: you get your PC just how you like it, with features uniquely tailored to your needs.

While there are not that many cons for custom build PCs, here are a few that stand out:

  • Cost: you may pay more initially for a custom-built computer, but it will be worth it over time.
  • Limited to desktop PCs: As of now, we can only do custom builds for desktop PCs. We currently have no laptop version for custom computers.
  • Additional Peripherals: Unlike All-In-One desktop computers or laptops, you will need a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse to use a custom-built PC. If you already have these, then this might not be a big issue. If your monitor is more than 10 years old, we may need to verify that it will be compatible with your custom computer.

Besides these few drawbacks, custom PCs give you the freedom to customize and optimize your computing experience. So, if you need a computer that is better than average, we are here to help you make your dream custom home, productivity, or gaming PC a reality!

Custom Computers