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Preparing Automatic Repair Loop

Is your computer stuck in the dreaded “Preparing Automatic Repair” loop? Don’t smash it yet, there might be hope.  When your PC goes into a repair loop, the first thing you want to do is not panic. If you don’t have a backup or any recent back up of your PC, there might still be […]

Solid-State Drive Upgrades

SSD Upgrade, A Fix For Slow PCs Are you tired of struggling with a slow laptop or desktop PC? Do not waste your money upgrading your computer’s RAM. Get a solid-state drive upgrade instead. RAM upgrades seemed to be the “fix-all” solution for slow PCs before solid-state drives. But, with newer laptops and desktop computers […]

BitLocker On Windows 11

BitLocker—Windows Drive & Device Encryption Why Does Windows 11 Require the TPM 2.0 Chip? The short answer, to enable a Windows computer security feature called BitLocker. Windows 11’s hardware requirements are notably different from previous versions of Windows. One of the Windows 11 system requirements that often causes confusion is a Trusted Computing feature known […]

Windows 11 Upgrade

Are you ready to upgrade to Windows 11? If yes, we are here to help. You can save money on tech upgrades that give you the speed you want, without changing your setup. Also, if you have a loved one who is frustrated by how slow their PC runs, consider some hardware upgrades. For those […]

Laptop Batteries & Liquid Spills

As most of you know laptops, electronics and liquids don’t mix. Unless your notebook or laptop is waterproof, there is a risk of structural damage or fire due to liquid spills. Unlike older laptops that had an easily removable battery, newer notebooks now come with internal batteries. So, you cannot easily take out the battery […]