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BitLocker On Windows 11

BitLocker—Windows Drive & Device Encryption Why Does Windows 11 Require the TPM 2.0 Chip? The short answer, to enable a Windows computer security feature called BitLocker. Windows 11’s hardware requirements are notably different from previous versions of Windows. One of the Windows 11 system requirements that often causes confusion is a Trusted Computing feature known […]

Rogue Browser Extensions & Scams

Browser extensions are add-ons that people often use to improve the look and functionality of their web browser. However, among the good browser extensions, more rogue browser extensions seem to be popping up, and some users are installing them without realizing their potential risk to online privacy. In recent years, our computer repair shop has […]

How To Remove Extensions

Unwanted Browser Extensions Extensions are a type of web browser add-on that can add more functionality to your web browser. However, you might find yourself in a situation where a malicious Extension is installed on your web browser without your knowledge. In that case, it helps to know how to remove the unwanted Extension in […]

Computer Health & Security

Technology is advancing faster than we can cope with. Many new devices in today’s market bring the convenience of our digital life within our fingertips. However, if we do not factor in security as a critical part of using technology, the consequences that result from ignored security risks will outweigh its convenience. The increasing use […]