Computer Clean Up Time – Happy New Year!

Simple Computer Clean Up and Optimization Tips

Control, Alt, Delete – here we go, rebooting for the New Year. We want to wish you the best of 2012 here at PC Rescue Wiz. As we all celebrate our accomplishments in 2011, or purge our minds of “corrupted” resolutions and hopefully rededicate our efforts towards greater things in life, let us not forget thy computer. This means that the New Year is also a great time to do a little computer clean up – and remove all the unnecessary junk that can burden a computer’s memory and performance resources.

Here are some tips for doing a basic clean up of your computer. We strongly advise that you only do these actions if you are familiar with them and feel comfortable doing them.


With the add/ remove programs feature in Windows XP control panel or your programs and features tool in your Vista/Windows 7 control panel; uninstall any programs that are of no use to you anymore. There is no reason to keep expired Anti-viruses or free trial programs on your computer. All they do is take up space on your hard drive, or interfere with your up-to-date, useful software.

It’s also not a bad idea to clean up the recycling bin, temporary files, etc. To do that, go to the start menu, click on my computer /computer as the case may be depending on your operating system. Find the C: Drive and right click on it. On the menu box that shows up, go to the properties; in there you will see an option to do a disk clean up. Follow the prompts and select the items you want to delete. It’s better to select the big files in order to have any significant gain in hard drive space.


Files get scattered around the computer over time through usage. This process of file fragmentation increases the time it takes the computer to access data and program files. This slows down your computer ultimately; that is why it’s good to defragment your computer. For more information on this, see my other article about slow computers. It covers how to access the defrag tool on your computer. This may help speed the computer up if file fragmentation was the problem.

Better Organize Your Files:

This in a way is like de-fragmenting your PC, but imagine you as the central processing unit (CPU) of your computer; how much faster could you access files that were organized vs. files that are all over the place? You get the idea. Organizing your data files reduces the time it takes you to access your files. For a business computer, that means efficiency, which could also translate to faster service and income. Time is money right? So, this step helps to make sure that your time is well spent. You may find that you will start enjoying using your computer more, because being organized not only speeds things up, but it also reduces stress.

We hope that with these few computer tips you will enjoy a faster, user friendly and un-stressful computer. All the best for 2012; we are happy to be at your service if you ever need computer repair in Vancouver Washington.