Preparing Automatic Repair Loop

Is your computer stuck in the dreaded “Preparing Automatic Repair” loop? Don’t smash it yet, there might be hope.  When your PC goes into a repair loop, the first thing you want to do is not panic. If you don’t have a backup or any recent back up of your PC, there might still be a way to recover your files. So do not take any drastic measures. Take your computer to your trusted computer repair shop for troubleshooting instead.

Automatic Repair Loop

Repair loops may start with a message that your system did not start up correctly, or blue screen errors before attempting to repair itself. But even if it fixes itself, you want to have a computer expert evaluate your computer to eliminate the possibility of imminent critical system failures. There are various reasons why your computer can get stuck on a repair loop. Here are the most common reasons why your computer might start attempting automatic system repairs.

Software Related Automatic Repair Loops

We all know that computer viruses and other malicious software can corrupt the system. But what most people don’t know is that third party computer tools like Registry cleaners can also corrupt the operating system by deleting critical system settings. This is why Microsoft advises Windows users not to use any registry cleaning utilities, unless you know what you are doing of course. You can find out more about using registry cleaners here: Microsoft’s support policy for the use of registry cleaning utilities.

Other software related issues that can cause infinite repair loops on your PC are driver issues or Firmware / BIOS misconfigurations, etc. Your local computer expert can help you narrow down the problem and explore the best solution based on what they find.

Storage Related Automatic Repair Attempts

Another reason your computer might get stuck on a Preparing Automatic Repair loop, is hard drive or solid-state drive imminent failure. This is where you need to exercise great caution, especially if you have not backed up your computer. Leaving your computer stuck in a repair loop for too long, or attempting to reset your computer can reduce the chances of successful file recovery. And that is why you want to take your computer to a professional sooner than later. Otherwise, if you don’t need file recovery service, replacing the failing drives and reinstalling Windows can make your PC work as good as new.

Other Hardware Related Infinite Repair Loops

One of the downsides of computers with integrated rather than modular hardware, like some laptops have, is that when a component like RAM, the CPU or GPU goes out, you pretty much need a new PC. If that is the case, a computer expert can evaluate your PC for any possible data recovery if needed. Failure of critical integrated hardware is the worst-case scenario that can cause your computer to get stuck on an automatic repair loop. However, if you have a custom gaming or desktop PC, it may still be possible to replace the failing hardware to get your computer working again. It is always best to contact your local computer shop if your computer is stuck on a bluescreen or automatic repair attempts.  Power down your computer by holding down the power button for about 15 –20 seconds and take your PC to your trusted repair shop as soon as you can.