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Recovery Disk For Windows Vista & Windows 7

If you bought a Windows Vista/Windows 7 computer, do yourself a favor and make a recovery disk. You may have noticed that most computers from Windows Vista and newer no longer come with a recovery disk. Instead, they come with a recovery partition, which is part of the hard drive. I don’t know why someone thought it was a good idea to eliminate the recovery disks. Making a recovery disk may not be a problem for those that are computer savvy. But, it can be a huge inconvenience for someone who knows little about computers. That’s why I don’t think getting rid of the recovery disc(s) which used to come with new computers was a good idea.

Why Make A Recovery Disk?

Before we can answer this question, we have to look at how dependable the recovery partition is. The recovery partition only works if the hard drive is okay. If the hard drive goes bad to a point where it can not be easily accessed, you will need to buy a Windows Operating system. Having a recovery disk can save you all that trouble. The other good thing about having a recovery disk is that all the drivers for the hardware that goes with the computer are included on the recovery disk. Since computer repair rates are usually hourly based, having a complete recovery disk will save you time and also cut down the cost of repairs.

How To Make A Recovery Disk

When you are setting up a new computer, there is usually a red flag alert that shows up on the right of the task bar. It tells you about your computer’s security settings and it also gives you an option to make a backup of your computer. This is when you can make your recovery disk. The alert will keep showing up as a red flag unless you disable it. I do not recommend disabling this alert; unless you have another backup plan. It may require 1 or more disks to make your recovery disk depending on the type of disk you are using. You can use blank CDs or DVDs. Allow yourself at least an hour or so to make the recovery disk. The steps for making a recovery disk are very simple. Insert a blank disk in your disk drive. Choose the option from the alert to make your backup/recovery disk and follow the prompts. It’s really easy and worth doing for the convenience of recovering or repairing your computer.