IPv6 – Better Networking and Internet

If you have not yet heard of IPv6, you are most likely going to hear about it more and more in the near future. IP stands for Internet Protocol; IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6. The Internet Protocol is basically a system that regulates how computers connect to the internet and how they send and receive data. Before IPv6 computers and devices used IPv4 to connect to the internet; so, why now IPv6?

Why IPv6?

IPv6 Lauch Every computer or device that connects to the internet is assigned an IP address. IPv4 could only assign a limited number of IP addresses, about 4 billion. With the growing usage of mobile devices, IPv4 was becoming overloaded with the demand for more IP addresses. So the solution was to create an IP version that could handle trillions and trillions of IP addresses. That’s what IP version 6 is in its simplicity.

The Transition to IPv6

IPv6 will be a very welcome solution for users who have multiple devices or computers connecting to the internet through the same internet connection. One of the biggest benefits of IPv6 is that information will be able to flow much faster without “bottle-necking.” That means faster internet and less hair pulling. The transition to IPv6 will require modems, routers, other equipment and software to be upgraded. Comcast has a nice little tool that can help you do a simple IPv6 readiness check.

There are more positive things that IPv6 brings in addition to speeding up internet traffic which I could list here. But these might not be much interest to you unless you like to explore the realm of technology innovation.

If anything, I thought you might be happy knowing that IPv6 will enable you to do more with much less interruption of your internet experience. So, if you were not sure what IP version 6 was, I hope that at least knowing what it does for you will help clear things up.

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