Hard Drive Failure: Disk Health Check Made Easy

Hard drive failure is probably one of the most dreaded computer problems to top them all. Years of data, memories, music collection, etc., can be lost just like that! The prices for data recovery are usually not that forgiving. So, when I see someone without a backup of their computer, I feel like pulling hair out of my poor bold head. Kidding aside, whether you have a backup or not, there is a little tool which I think everyone that has a Windows based machine should use; it’s called Crystal Disk Info. I have touched upon this disk health check tool briefly in one of my earlier articles.

Hard Drive Failure

He should have backed up!

Crystal Disk Info is a free tool that you can use to easily check the health status of your computer’s hard drive. It is a very simple way of catching or “predicting” hard drive failure before all data is lost (especially when there is no backup). Windows operating systems do not have a simple, user friendly, tool to help regular computer users predict hard drive failure. That’s why I highly recommend adding Crystal Disk Info to your computer health check tools. Run this disk health check tool at least once every six months, or whenever you notice your computer is freezing up or going slow. Running disk health check is very easy. All you have to do is double left-click on the icon saved to your desktop after installation. Once the program opens up, go to the tool bar and select the right language. All you need to pay attention to is the big rectangular button on the left for the Health Status. If that button is any other color besides being blue, then attention is required. Backup your computer as needed, or consult with your local computer service and repair pro if you need further assistance.

Program’s Limits in Predicting Hard Drive Failure

Crystal Disk Info is a program that is good for predicting hard drive failure under normal conditions. It’s a good program to monitor the health of your computer’s hard drive and hopefully help prevent data loss. But, like any other tool, you have to use it. As far as limitations are concerned, this program cannot predict sudden hard drive failure caused by power surges, lightning, or from a computer being dropped. Using a good surge protector might help minimize the damage, but the best preventative measure will be to unplug your computer (if you live in an area prone to lightning storms), and backup your computer regularly. Besides these few limitations, Crystal Disk Info works very well in predicting hard drive failure in normal circumstances. I hope this gives you one more tool to help you take charge of your data’s “habitat,” the hard drive. You can also use this tool to check the health status of your external hard drive(s).

If you want to try Crystal Disk Info you can download it for free by following the link provided at the beginning of this article. Make sure to uncheck the additional things you don’t want to install on your computer during installation. Have fun with it!