Fix Your Computer Online?

There are quite a few online computer repair options popping up. The idea that you can fix your computer online is becoming a trend, due to the power of advertisement. But sometimes you just have to wonder, can you really fix your computer online? Well, that all depends. Unlike remote computer assistance where you have a skilled live person on the other side helping you fix software related issues, most of these “fix your computer online” services are automated. Now, that is all fine and fancy; but does it really work? To answer that, it’s best to see what real people, not paid actors are saying about these online computer repair services.

We had a person that had signed up with “My Clean PC” before he was our client. His computer was worse than it was before he singed up with this online computer service. Surprising? Not at all. He got hooked with the “get a free trial,” and that’s all it took to mess up his computer. The initial scan found some “errors” which had to be “manually corrected” to the tune of fifty something dollars – per error! His computer did not even cost what they were going to charge him after they were done. I found that be very interesting! We removed the software he’d installed and did simple computer clean up. Guess what, his computer worked just fine! All he was trying to do was speed up his computer, but he ended up with the exact opposite result. So, it pays off to do a little homework before you try any service that claims to fix your computer online. If your computer has important information on it, you want to make sure that you are not giving the wrong software access to your computer.

Mistakes To Avoid When Trying Fix Your Computer Online

If your computer is infected, and you are considering online virus removal, do not use your debit or credit card on the infected computer. Some malicious software can record your key strikes to try and capture information from your credit or debit card. It’s generally not a good idea to use your cards online, do online banking or anything that involves entering personal information if your computer is infected.

Maybe there are some intelligent online computer repair services out there, who knows. It will be easier for me to believe that you can repair your computer online if all computer problems were software related. However, that is not the case. Faulty hardware can wreak havoc with your computer. Only a computer experienced human being can fix that problem. Of course, by the time you find that out, your computer may be worse off, or you would have paid a substantial amount of money for nothing. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research. On the other hand, if you already know what you are signing up for, you can just disregard this article and fix your computer online.

Leading people to believe that they can fix their computer online is a statement that is too general to be misleading. It may seem appealing and convenient, but it might not be worth your money. There is free software that you can personally monitor that actually fixes some of the issues that these online computer repair services claim to fix. So I really want to encourage you to do your homework before trying to repair your PC online.