Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling Vancouver WA

Where can you take your old computer for recycling in Vancouver Washington? The state of Washington offers a free electronics recycling program that includes computer recycling for homes, small businesses, no-profit organizations and schools. This makes it easy for everyone in Washington State to participate, since we don’t have to pay for recycling our old computers and other electrical gadgets. We have included some web resources here to make it easy for you to find a computer recycling location near you in Vancouver Washington.

Computer Recycling and the Environment

Computer RecyclingWe can all agree that one of the things we love about the great North West is its natural majestic landscape. By recycling old computers, we help to correctly dispose of toxins and chemicals. This in turn helps preserve the environment for us and our future generations to enjoy. Electronics have chemicals that can seep into the Earth reducing soil fertility and contaminating the water we drink in the process. So, recycling is a way for us to take care of Earth so that she can continue to take care of us!

Computer Recycling Checklist & Finding a Recycling Location

It’s always a good idea to do a checklist to protect your information and privacy before recycling your computer. Here is what we recommend:

  1. Make sure all your information from the old computer is backed up or transferred to the new computer
  2. Remove your hard drive and keep it safe or have the hard drive securely erased before recycling your computer
  3. If your computer’s hardware still works, consider gifting it to someone who needs it, or selling it
  4. Finally, if you cannot gift it or sell it, locate a computer recycling place in your local area. For computer recycling in Vancouver Washington, here is a link to the Department of Ecology State of Washington where you can find recycling locations near you in Vancouver Washington.

Let’s help take care of the earth by recycling and spreading the word about recycling old computers and electronics. Thank you for doing your part!