AVG Free Edition – Virus Protection

For those who do not know what AVG is, it is a computer anti-virus program. I must admit that the first time I heard about the AVG free edition I was a little bit skeptical for the good reason that I did not think that any free anti-virus would get the job done. Well, I was wrong. In my experience with all the trial, free virus protection software like Avast, Avira, Trend Micro, etc.,  the free edition of AVG stood out from the pack. I honestly could not believe that a free anti-virus could work that well. I would even go as far as saying that the AVG free edition is better than some anti-viruses that are paid for. Needless to say, I would recommend the free edition of AVG first to any person that is looking for a free anti-virus. When I look for a good anti-virus, I find it helpful to consider the following:

  • Does the anti-virus protect your PC from threats like it’s supposed to do?
  • Does it work well with other software?
  • How frequent is it updated?
  • How much does it affect the performance of my PC?
  • Is it user friendly – based on user reviews and feedback?
  • I also try to get expert reviews. Sorry to be blunt, but not all sales men are experts. A person with professional hands-on experience with the product (not just a bag of sales tricks), is the best to ask.

Some virus protection software tends to slow down the computer once they are installed. Some interfere with internet connection and some are virtually useless! I have had instances where I installed the free AVG edition on a client’s computer after their paid anti-virus program expired and it found some infections that were missed. True, computers can still get infected due to user error even if there is an anti-virus, but even the free AVG does not let that happen easily. The other great thing about AVG is that it does not affect computer speed much. So when you think about it, getting the computer protection that you need for free without compromising performance seems to be a pretty good deal! Hundreds of viruses are created everyday, so going online without virus protection can be risky business. The free basic version of AVG protects you from identity theft, viruses, spyware and other malicious programs. If you don’t have virus protection on your computer, I highly recommend that you download and install the free edition of AVG on your computer. The free version works very well, but AVG also has a paid version that gives you a bit more protection features and PC tools. It is best to download AVG from their website or from other trusted download websites to avoid getting something that has been tampered with. This link ahead will take you where I trust to download the free edition of AVG. There are two versions of AVG, a 32bit version and a 64bit version. Make sure you check your system properties to see if your computer’s operating system is a 32-bit or 64-bit system. Download the version that is meant for you operating system. If you have any questions related to using AVG feel free to send us an email.