Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode

Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode are a great solution developed by Microsoft to address software compatibility issues having to do with running Windows XP based programs on Windows 7. The advance of Microsoft operating came with some software compatibility issues that sometimes could only be fixed by having to buy new software and apps, or reverting to an older operating system (which in this case will be Windows XP). This can be frustrating, as you can imagine. If you have been in this situation, or you know someone who has been in this situation, this article will cover some tips on how to fix this problem.

Windows XP mode is a solution for those who have been used to running programs and apps that only operate under the Windows XP environment. It’s a fully functional Windows XP program that can be installed and run through the Windows 7 start up menu under Windows Virtual PC. A virtual PC is a simulation of a computer machine on another computer. This simulation allows you to run a totally separate operating system and also allows you to install and run programs and apps on a virtual computer as if it was a real computer. Windows Virtual PC creates an environment where other operating systems can be installed and run virtually on the host computer. If you bought Windows 7 and then realized that you could not run your favorite programs from Windows XP, Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode are solutions that you might want to look into; and, the best part is that they are free!

The only down side to Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode is that you have to have Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, or Windows 7 Ultimate. This means that you cannot download and run Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 Home Edition unless you upgrade it to Windows 7 Professional and up. So, it all boils down to how cost effective it is to upgrade Windows, versus buying a compatible version of the software that you are trying to run. Also, before installing and running these programs you have to make sure that your computer meets the system requirements for these downloads. Most Windows 7 machines meet the requirements, so this last point is usually not an issue. To find out more about how this Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode can be useful to you, follow this link to Microsoft’s website on Windows Virtual PC. Click and watch the short video on the right of their website to get a visual of how the software works. Hope you have fun with it and save!