Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Simple Gift Ideas & Holiday Savings

With the holidays upon us, you might be one of many trying to find great gift ideas for the ones you love. The holidays can be a perfect time to get great deals on new computers and other cherished gadgets for gifting. But what can you do if buying a new computer is not within your budget for gift ideas for the holidays? We have recommendations that could make perfect gift ideas for the holidays.

Computer Service Gift Certificates

Our gift To You! Gift Ideas

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We have found the reason most people want a new computer, besides just wanting something new, is because of performance issues! In this case, one of the gift ideas that might be worth considering is a gift certificate for a computer tune-up service. You would be surprised how many people prefer a computer they are accustomed to over a new computer! A computer tune-up can boost a computer’s performance considerably within the limitations of its system’s resources. So a computer tune-up could be a perfect gift idea for someone not necessarily looking for a new computer.

Along with gift certificates for computer tune-up, we are offering gift certificates for general computer repair. If a new computer is not within your budget, getting a broken computer fixed for someone can also be a great gift. You might have a broken computer that needs minor fixes. Instead of letting it collect dust, you can have it fixed for gifting. That gift can mean a lot for someone without a personal computer.

For those planning on getting a new computer we offer fast data transfer and computer setup service. We transfer documents, music, contacts, favorites etc, from the old computer to the new computer. And we can also setup the new computer to what the user is accustomed to so they can jump right in and enjoy the new computer. A gift certificate for data transfer can make an excellent complementary gift idea along with a new computer.

Our Holiday Gift To You!

With the holidays upon us, the spirit of giving is in the air. So for a limited time PC Rescue Wiz will be offering a 20% discount on all computer repair labor costs above $60. This means that our basic virus removal service will be only $48. That’s a $12 savings! Effective the day after Thanksgiving you can get 20% off all computer repair service (excluding parts) from $60 on up! This special will run until Jan 1st 2013. This will be a great time to get your computer fixed or help someone get their computer fixed! That is our gift to you this holiday season. Happy Holidays from PC Rescue Wiz!