A Free Alternative To Microsoft Office

Are You Looking For A Free Alternative To Microsoft Office?

For those who have Windows based computers, Kingsoft Office is a great free alternative to Microsoft Office. I tried out this free software and I was very impressed. I would highly recommend Kingsoft free office software to parents who don’t want to spend too much buying Microsoft Office for their kid’s computer, or for college students. I am not sure if some educational institutions require you to have Microsoft Office, but that’s a small issue worth looking into if it can save you money. The free Kingsoft Office 2012 comes with the following:

Writer: This is similar to Microsoft’s Word. According to the Kingsoft website, Writer is compatible with most versions of Microsoft Office from 97 – 2010. So you will be able to write, open, edit Word documents. You will also be able to open and edit documents created using Kingsoft’s Writer in Microsoft Office.

Spreadsheets: This is the Kingsoft Office free alternative to Microsoft Office Free Alternate to MS OfficeExcel. This is also compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft Office up to Office 2010.

Presentation: You guessed it, this is the free alternative for Microsoft Office Power Point. Also compatible with different versions of Microsoft Office Power Point. I was able to open and edit some power point documents with Presentation and it’s pretty close. Unlike Open Office, Kingsoft Office Presentation did not throw my power point out of alignment. That’s a big plus for them. The only thing I wish they had more of is clip art. But, its free, so hey… If their paid version has better clip art, then I think it will be an awesome deal. Installation for this software only takes a few minutes. The program only takes up a fraction of your hard drive space compared to other free alternatives for Microsoft Office.

That’s all you get with the free Kingsoft Office 2012. They also have a free Android App with the 3 above features which can be convenient for people on the go. As free software, you will occasionally see ads show up when you open your writer, spreadsheet or presentation. Just close the extra ad tab if you are not interested.

Disclaimer: PC Rescue Wiz Computer Service is not in any way affiliated with Kingsoft Software. The information provided about Kingsoft’s free software alternative to Microsoft Office is not intended to sell their product or suggest any affiliation with them. The link to their website is provided to you by us only to reference the source of the product discussed in this article.