Boost Games With Game Booster

Game Booster is a great tool for increasing the performance of your PC to handle gaming activities that would not otherwise be possible on slow and old computers. Most games need a good amount of RAM (Memory) and processing power to be able to run smoothly. If your computer slows down or freezes up while you are trying to play a game, the chances are that you have insufficient memory on your computer, or that that your PC’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) is being is overloaded by background processes and services hogging system resources. In some occasions a slow PC is an indication of the presence of a computer virus or some other issues that can be revealed by proper computer diagnosis; but, I would only recommend diagnosis if there is no significant improvement after trying Game Booster, which is free to download and use.

Game Booster allows you to tweak your computer so that more memory and processing power is available to you while in gaming mode. If you like to play games online, you could also try using a faster web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, if you are not already using those web browsers. The neat thing about using Game Booster 3 is that it can optimize your computer for gaming just at the click of a button, so it requires very little technical know-how to run. Check out this video.

Another cool thing about Game Booster 3 is that it gives you two options. The first option is to simply boost your PC, this comes in handy when you want to run programs that may need a bit more memory like photo editing. The second option that Game Booster gives you is to switch into the Game box mode. If you have any games on your computer, Game Booster 3 puts them in the game box. When you click to play any game in the game box, Game Booster automatically optimizes your PC for gaming mode. You can easily add games in the game box by left clicking on the game’s icon and dragging it in the game box. To remove games from the game box you simply have to right click on the icon for the game you want to remove and select the delete option. If you are a serious gamer I highly recommend using Game Booster. The free basic version works very well so, there is really nothing to loose. If game booster does not make some significant improvements to the performance of your computer you may need to consult with a computer expert for further help.