PC Hardware Diagnostics & Repair

Vancouver, WA Computer Repair

Located in Vancouver, Washington, PC Rescue Wiz offers top-notch computer repair services. Our computer repair services include hardware diagnostics for both Mac and Windows personal computers. Faulty parts can cause a computer to run slow, show blue screen errors or overheat. While bad computer parts may cause your computer to be inoperable, that does not mean you need to buy a new computer. Give us a call or bring your computer to our repair shop in Vancouver, WA, before you start shopping for a new PC.

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Hardware Firmware Updates

Sometimes your computer’s hardware will not work properly if the firmware, the software that allows hardware to function, is outdated. Different computer and printer hardware manufacturers usually release firmware updates that usually require manual installation to fix bugs or security issues. We recommend that you bring your computer in at least once a year for tune-ups and firmware updates that will help your computer operate efficiently.

Computer Hardware Diagnostics

We charge a $45 minimum fee If you only want our computer hardware diagnostics service, without any PC repair service. Otherwise, we offer free diagnostics with repairs. If we need to replace any faulty computer parts, we will give you a call with an estimate first, before doing any repairs to your machine.

Our Hardware Computer Repair Services

  • Computer Hardware Diagnostics
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Laptop battery replacement
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Laptop keyboard replacement
  • Power supply replacement
  • CD or DVD drive Replacement
  • Cooling fan or system repair

If your computer does not turn on or crashes repeatedly, give us a call. Do not write off your computer just yet. Let us look at it first to help you make the best choice on how to move forward. We offer quality service and competitive pricing for our computer repair services in Vancouver, WA, and the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area.

For more information about our pricing and hourly rates for computer repair Vancouver WA, please visit our pricing page.