Computers For Sale

At PC Rescue Wiz we not only have refurbished computers for sale, but we also custom build basic home computers and gaming computers. Whether you want to buy a new computer or you are looking for refurbished computers for sale, we are here to help you get a computer that works for your needs. Unlike the computers that you will find in the big box stores, our custom built computers do not come preloaded with junk software. We can build you a clean, new computer with a hassle free local warranty. If you are interested in a custom-built computer, visit us at our computer shop in Orchards, Vancouver, WA to discuss your computer needs.

Computers Vancouver WA

Refurbished Computers For Sale

If you are looking for a reliable refurbished computer for sale, give us a call. We pick the best used computers and upgrade them with new parts to create reliable refurbished computers. Before we sell any used or refurbished computer, we take the computer through extensive testing to ensure that you get the most for your money. Using an environmentally friendly process, we replace and recycle the bad computer parts, and we reuse whatever we can to help reduce waste. We are committed to providing reliable new and used computers in Vancouver Washington. If you want to buy a refurbished computer definitely check out PC Rescue Wiz. Our refurbished computers usually go quickly, so call us first to see if we may have any available.

Hassle Free Computer Warranty

We offer a great hassle free 1 year warranty on any computer that we build. You don’t have to ship your computer anywhere to get repaired. If the computer we sell you is not working as it should, and is still under warranty, just give us a call and come drop your computer off. We will work on it quickly to find and replace any defective parts at no cost to you!

Refurbished computers come with a 90-day warranty. New parts on used computers will be covered under the factory warranty, which is usually 1 year. The only thing that our warranty does not cover is issues caused by malicious software like viruses, damage caused by power surges or damage caused by someone tampering with the hardware. Otherwise, we got you covered!