Computer Repair Cost & Estimates

This page only offers general information about our on-site and in-shop service rates. We use these rates to determine the final computer repair cost on any repair job we take on. To get an estimates/quotes on the cost of a computer repair job, please call 360-773-3401 and schedule a time to bring your computer in for assessment. It’s free for in-shop repairs! Since every repair job is different, its only fair that assess the computer in question before giving out a computer repair quote/ estimate. Therefore, we will no longer give “rough estimates” over the phone.

Virus Removal Cost – PC Rescue Wiz:

Our virus removal service ranges between $60 – $90 when you Virus removal, Vancouver WAbring your computer to us. Otherwise our normal on-site / in-home computer repair rates apply. Sometimes a nasty computer virus can mess up the operating system requiring more work to get the computer back to normal. We will notify you if that is the case when additional charges apply before we proceed.

In-Shop Computer Repair Rates Vancouver WA

We charge $60/hr for in-shop computer service and repair. This is when you bring your computer to us, instead of us coming to you. This does not include parts. We do not add any mark up price on computer parts, you only pay how much we pay to buy the parts. You are welcome to bring your own parts if you have a brand that you prefer.

On-site Computer Repair Hourly Rates:

For us to come to you it is $90/hr labor. Usually most repairs can be done in an hour. In complex cases it may take a little bit more time to fix the problem. In such a case we charge in ½ hr increments after the first hour of service which will be $45. This does not include parts.

Computer Repair Parts:

Our goal is to keep our computer repair service as affordable as possible. With that being said, if at anytime we may need to replace some parts on your computer we will only charge for the exact amount that we got the part(s) for. First we will let you know how much the part(s) are going to cost plus the labor. We will only proceed with the repairs if you give us the go ahead.

Computer Diagnostics:

We offer FREE diagnostics with any repair service. However, if you just want us to figure out what the problem is with your PC without repairs there will be a $35 fee for the diagnosis. We will not be held responsible if you choose to fix the problem yourself, or if you take your PC to be repaired elsewhere.